Cary Pinkowski

Portfolio Manager

A leader and innovator in the Canadian equity arena, Cary Pinkowski prides himself as an early adopter on major investment trends. This includes the internet, gold, energy metal, cannabis and now the blockchain space. He has been a passionate and fervent advocate for his long term bullish stance on the US equity markets. Pinkowski founded Entrée Resources, which discovered part of the Oyu Tolgoi deposit, which went onto become one of the largest copper gold mines in the world. Cary Pinkowski leverages extensive connections across key industry sectors and builds long-term trusted relationships with clients who count on him for top-quality service, advice, and performance. Cary is a Ted 2016, 2017, and 2018 attendee and is inspired by innovators and entrepreneurs globally that think differently.

Cary has developed extensive connections with CEOs and executives of many leading technology and resource companies in Canada. He is a Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management and has over 25 years of experience with North American and European capital markets. Cary Pinkowski works exclusively with high net worth individuals, family offices, and strategic institutional partners.   

Cary’s story:

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and propelled by a strong work ethic instilled by his parents, Cary Pinkowski benefited from a childhood that was modest in material terms, but rich in travel and education. Heavily influenced by his father and mother, who built a life in Canada after meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1970, Cary’s strong and heartfelt belief in capitalism stems from lessons taught by his father and grandmother who escaped communist East Germany in 1960, as well as the hardships born by other family members who spent lifetimes trapped behind the Berlin Wall. Cary firmly believes that living in the West is not a right, but rather a gift to be cherished. Throughout his life, Cary has considered the virtues of self-reliance, hard work and an unfailing commitment to family and clients among his guiding principles.