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"For over 25 years, I have been fortunate to work in this industry, developing extensive connections with many of the leading technology and resource entrepreneurs in Canada. This has created the potential for many opportunities." - Cary Pinkowski


An advisory practice at Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management led by Cary Pinkowski, the Pinkowski Group, provides in-depth investment expertise and services for institutional and sophisticated private investors. Our team leverages extensive connections across key industry sectors and builds long-term trusted relationships with clients who count on us for top-quality service, advice and performance.


We base our recommendations on your priorities. Our strategies encompass your entire spectrum of interests. Our responsibility is to worry about your wealth and finances. Your job is to focus on your career, your business and your family. We explore your vision for your life, your financial commitments, and how you view—and experience—risk. We advise you on an integrated strategy, and collaborate with you on a plan to optimize it. We also are leaders in Canada when it comes to investment in venture capital. The Pinkowski Group is very passionate about working with entrepreneurs to realize their vision.


Funding ideas to innovation.

Building on long-term success.

On the forefront of anything new.


Please see The Globe and Mail's article "How investors can participate in plant- based profits" by Joel Schlesinger,  in which Cary Pinkowski offers his thoughts on the evolution of this space. 

 Please click here to view article.


High Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

The Pinkowski Group offers wealth management services tailored to meet the unique needs of affluent individuals, institutions and corporations. We specialize in investment management, financial planning, investment consulting and retirement planning. We develop and implement personalized asset management strategies and offer tailored products and services designed to help our clients achieve their financial and life goals. We regularly review the progress our clients are making towards their objectives and adjust plans as needed to help ensure our clients stay on course. We pride ourselves on an extraordinary level of service and communication.


Affluent Family Enterprises

The business that initially generates wealth for a family may only be one piece of a much larger legacy. The most successful families, over the long term, are those who learn to stay on top of trends and create an “enterprise” that fosters a diverse collection of profitable and charitable ventures.


Privately-Owned Businesses and Government-Owned Entities

Many business owners spend decades building a successful business and then unnecessarily lose millions of dollars in a few crucial moments in the business life cycle. Keeping a company and transferring it to the next generation requires very different planning than selling it to a third party. The Pinkowski Group can help privately-owned businesses and government-owned entities to prepare now to be in a strong position for the future, not matter its circumstances.




Venture Capital

Vancouver has turned into one of the top active startup ecosystems in the world and is home to some of the hottest global tech companies. We are also leaders in Canada when it comes to investment in venture capital. The Pinkowski Group is very passionate about working with entrepreneurs to help them realize their vision. The Pinkowski Group offers access to a world class network of opportunities, relationships and strategies not available to most investors.