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Holistic plans for resilient portfolios

At the Pinkowski Group, our team helps our clients maximize opportunities and manage their potential challenges. The portfolios we build are diversified and as differentiated as our clients. Our team helps develop and implement personalized asset management strategies, products and services designed to help our clients achieve their financial, life and retirement goals. We help you to set the course and to stay on course. 

Financial Products

Our team provides a broad range of financial products to suit each client's particular needs including:

  • Money Market Funds and Accounts
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Principal Protected Notes
  • Flow-through shares
  • Venture Capital Funds

Cash Management 

Our cash management program is focused on:

  • Principal protection,
  • Liquidity, and
  • Yield

Our full-service Canadian dollar accounts offer clients ways to benefit from Canada’s stable banking system, well-developed and liquid financial markets and diversified economy through the following products:

  • Canadian federal and provincial bonds
  • Fully insured bank deposits with attractive rates
  • New issues and IPOs on Canadian stock exchanges
  • Canadian energy stocks in the oil and natural gas sectors
  • Canadian mining stocks in precious metals, base metals, uranium, rare earths and potash sectors

Equity Trading

Our research-driven Sales & Trading team is dedicated to providing our institutional and private-client investors with reliable and objective investment advice and superior trade execution. We leverage long-term relationships with institutional managers across North America and provide superior service across sectors and market cap ranges.

Employee Stock Plans

We help our clients manage and execute their stock options. Whether our client is looking to build a personal position in her company’s shares or simply wants to exercise vested options, we can help. We keep the process as simple as possible and will do as much of the administration and paperwork as we can.

Cashless Stock Option Exercise

We execute cashless stock options for clients who want to exercise “in-the-money” options without having to put up person capital. In most cases these transactions can be done within one week. For those who choose to sell their shares after exercising the options, our trade desk can assist further by moving large blocks of shares, if necessary. Once shares are sold we can also help our clients invest the proceeds into an income-generating portfolio.

Our Process


In our first meeting, we create a Client Profile based on a guided discussion of our client’s interests, responsibilities, assets and, most importantly, our client’s near-term and long-term life goals. The information we gather in this meeting enables us to personalize strategies and services to match our client’s specific attributes, concerns and objectives.


Based on the Client Profile, we construct a proactively managed and flexible Asset Management Strategy that includes specific and measurable milestones to achieve our client’s financial goals. We then present our client with tailored investment options that match his/her objectives and risk tolerance.


After signing appropriate account paperwork we work with other members of our client’s trusted advisory team, including accountants and lawyers, to implement the Asset Management Strategy. We then follow up with our client’s financial institution(s) to ensure the timely in-kind transfer of assets into our client’s new portfolio.


We meet our clients on a regularly scheduled basis to review their portfolio, assess progress and re-calibrate our course of action, if necessary. These meetings also give our clients the opportunity to share updates to their Client Profile, including potential changes in individual, professional or family circumstances.