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Utilizing the capital markets with robust wealth management strategies

We approach our work like a treasure hunt, identifying and investing in ideas, companies and people that are confident will deliver superior returns.


We invest in businesses that we believe have industry-leading potential, leverage unique technology to serve clear customer needs, and have passionate, high-integrity management teams aligned with our approach to value-creation. 

We have successfully negotiated and closed numerous significant equity investments. Leveraging our experience in investment transactions, we are adept at rapidly assessing proposed investments and responding expeditiously to complete due diligence and negotiations.

Well-positioned and experienced in Vancouver's emerging technology hub, we seek investment opportunities in: 

  • Early stage companies poised for seed funders and angel investors
  • Companies seeking institutional financing
  • Entrepreneurs seeking active investors who will bring expertise to the table
  • Experienced innovators with a track record of successfully bringing products to market
  • Consumer businesses focused on new untapped markets
  • Companies in sectors that are ripe for innovation