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A premium wealth-building experience

An exclusive investment practice and platform catering to high net worth/income individuals, family offices and institutional partners, the Pinkowski Group leverages its principal’s three decades of expertise in investments, corporate finance and portfolio construction to provide clients with a one-stop, signature wealth experience. Our premium, hybrid approach combines proven wealth management strategies with return-enhancing private and pre-IPO investment opportunities to deliver superior results.



Creating bespoke investment opportunities

We don’t limit ourselves to “what’s out there” nor do we just wait for attractive financing opportunites. We are one of the select few advisories in Canada who actively identify, cultivate and structure unique, proprietary investment opportunities in some of the most innovative companies globally. Our investee businesses have industry-leading potential, strong competitive advantages and committed, high-quality management teams aligned with our approach to value-creation. We work with all stakeholders to structure win-win transactions, from origination to profit taking and capital recycling. 

A network like no other

With a connected ecosystem of entrepreneurs and executives from leading technology and resource companies, our clients have access to a universe of opportunity. In a typical year we engage with countless participants in the start-up, early stage and venture capital space, unearthing new ideas to deliver superior returns. Entrepreneurs are drawn to our founder mentality and deep investor pool providing cost-effective and aligned capital that turbocharges growth.