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Our approach to investing is based on intelligent, low-cost tactical asset allocation. 

Our portfolio construction process focuses on establishing optimized and diversified investments to provide the best return possible given our client’s risk tolerance.

The investment strategy, approach to portfolio monitoring and recommendations we offer are based on a rigorous assessment of our client’s unique objectives and constraints. We regularly review the progress our clients are making towards their goals and make adjustments if and when needed.

All portfolios are constructed with a global perspective to identify long-term investment trends. Beyond applying rigorous research and screening in the selection of securities we follow with careful monitoring of positions to capture opportunities and avoid potential risks. Factors such as deteriorating company fundamentals, negative surprises or specified stop-loss limits are all factored into our “sell disciplines.”

Our investment process is based on the belief that an active, tactical investment strategy will outperform a passive "buy-and-hold" strategy. 



  • Top-down analysis to identify prevailing macroeconomic trends and promising sectors;
  • Bottom-up analysis to select quality securities in sectors that fit into those identified by macroeconomic trends; and
  • Technical analysis to illuminate specific pricing opportunities and entry/exit points

Our clients count on us for: 

  • Regular communication by phone and email
  • A choice of quarterly, semi-annual or annual face-to-face meetings
  • Continued portfolio monitoring
  • Scheduled portfolio rebalancing
  • Our team’s professional and courteous conduct
  • Detailed and easy-to-understand Portfolio Reviews including detailed reports on asset allocation, sector breakdown, cash flow and a comprehensive performance analysis